4 More Home Burglaries – 10 in Past Week

The El Cerrito Police Blotter for Jan. 14-17 includes four new home break-ins, bringing the total for the week ending Jan. 17 to 10. A break-in on Cypress Avenue Tuesday occurred when the resident was home. The intruder fled.

Editor's note: the El Cerrito Police Blotter below is provided by the El Cerrito Police Department. It includes four new home burglaries in addition to the six reported in the last blotter for Jan. 11-13.

January 14, 2013 

DUI – Hagen Blvd & Junction Ave 
Officers arrested a 20-year-old male Oakland resident for driving under the influence after a traffic stop at 2:56 pm. 

Possession of Controlled Substance & Parole Violation – El Cerrito Plaza 
Officers arrested a 40-year-old Oakland resident for being in possession of heroin during a pedestrian contact. Officers coordinated with State Parole and sent the man to County Jail. 

January 15, 2013 

Vehicle Theft and Possession of Stolen Property - Cutting Blvd. @ San Pablo Avenue 
Officers arrested a 24-year-old Richmond resident for being in possession of a stolen rental vehicle. The passenger, a 41 year-old Richmond resident, was also arrested for being in possession of stolen property. Both parties were booked and transported to the MDF. 

Residential Burglary – 5300 Block Cypress Ave 
A resident confronted a burglary suspect in his home who forced entry into the residence via a back window. The suspect fled back out the window upon being confronted by the homeowner. 

January 16, 2013 

Auto Burglary – 3230 Carlson Blvd (Shields Nursing) 
Two suspects in a gold Pontiac 4 door vehicle conducted a window smash burglary between 8:45 and 9:15 am and fled with the victim’s property. 

Stolen Vehicle – El Cerrito Plaza 
An unknown suspect stole the victim’s 1992 Honda Accord between 2:30 and 2:52 pm. 

Stolen Vehicle Recovered – El Cerrito Plaza 
A stolen 1990 Honda Accord was recovered during the above listed investigation. The vehicle had been reported stolen to Richmond PD earlier in the day. 

Residential Burglary – 7200 Block Stockton Ave 
Two suspects driving a U-Haul truck burglarized the residence, which was staged for sale between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm. 

Delaying or Obstructing - 11500 block of San Pablo Avenue 
An officer arrested a 20-year-old Richmond resident after he fled on foot from a pedestrian stop. The subject was booked and cited. 

Vandalism and Drunk in Public - 6100 block of Potrero Avenue 
A BART PD officer saw a 23-year-old Arizona resident spray-painting the wall of a local business. The subject was turned over to the ECPD, booked and transported to the MDF. 

January 17, 2013 

Residential Burglary - 8500 block of Betty Lane 
A resident reports that an unknown suspect forced open their garage door and stole miscellaneous electronics and cash. TOO: 1/17 between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm. 

Petty Theft and Warrant Arrest - 11450 San Pablo Avenue 
A 29-year-old homeless man was arrested for stealing a six-pack of beer from Safeway. The man also had two outstanding warrants for his arrest. The subject was booked at the ECPD and then transported to County Jail. 

Residential Burglary - 1200 block of Navellier Street 
A resident reports that an unknown suspect entered their residence via a bathroom window and stole a large amount of jewelry. TOO: 1/14 to 1/17.

The El Cerrito Police Blotter can be found also on nixle.com

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Borris Batanov January 20, 2013 at 12:32 AM
That's a break-in per day. Why are we paying one of the highest sales taxes in the country (10.25%) in the city of EC when our gov't can't even provide minimal law & order, minimal protection of residents and their property? Also, 1-2 auto thefts per week continue at EC Plaza. How hard is it for an ECPD cruiser to patrol the area? Conlon Ave. next to Home Depot continues to be a crowded haven for loitering illegal aliens seeking unlawful employment. Tell me, federal immigration laws somehow don't apply to EC?
John Stashik January 20, 2013 at 01:39 AM
EC sales tax is 9.5 percent. Right?
Tamsen January 20, 2013 at 01:40 AM
Boris, many of the offenses listed above also have the police recovering the stolen car, or at the very least, responding in an appropriate manner (thus, the blotter). What does a high sales tax have to do with your argument? Any time I have ever called the EC police, they have responded immediately, professionally, and taken appropriate action. They know the area well. And I for one have seem them intercept more than one robbery or vandal (in fact, just last week I saw them with two juveniles at Castro school, and the week before, stop a home robbery on central. Please do not make an assumption that the men offering their services at Home Depot are illegal. How do you know? Second, those young men ARE NOT THE ONES BREAKING INTO HOMES! They are not begging for money. They are not vandalizing. And frankly, THEY do jobs that no one else will do! God bless them. They are good people, willing to work and do whatever is asked of them. They are not the ones breaking into homes, which is what the police blotter above describes. Take your racism elsewhere. And just for fun, take a walk down Telegraph Avenue and tell me how many "illegal aliens" you see begging for money to buy beer. I guarantee you, every person you pass on Telegraph will be a WHITE young man or woman, begging for money. Then drive past Home Depot, where BROWN men are offering their services, again, doing jobs no one will do (not even the folks on Telegraph begging for money).
Kathy A. January 20, 2013 at 04:02 AM
The police cannot possibly be all places at all times. I'm with Arden: our police department responds quickly and professionally. Also agree with her comments about men looking for work outside Home Depot. EC sales tax is 9.25%. The sales tax is not intended to provide 24/7 watching of all homes, businesses, and autos.
ECFamily January 20, 2013 at 05:30 AM
Love it when people take any opportunity to slam immigrants. Why didn't you throw in a disparaging remark about Muslims, too, while you're at it! EC police do a fine job. They are not Batman. Boris, is it the police's job to prevent all crime? Do they have some sort of crystal ball in which to look to determine which of the thousands of houses in El Cerrito will be broken into (through a backyard window that is not visible from the street)? I, for one, feel pretty darn safe in El Cerrito. I don't mind the 9.5% tax. And the men outside of Home Depot? Love them! We've hired them to help haul cement blocks from our yard (advertised on Craigslist, but guess what, Boris? No takers!), and hired them to crawl under our house to help do some foundation work. One last thing. They are not illegal aliens. They are human beings.
John Stashik January 20, 2013 at 06:28 AM
Sales tax here is 9.5% as I stated, not 9.25%. Just for the record.
Borris Batanov January 20, 2013 at 05:09 PM
0.5% increase in state sales tax took effect this month. Total sales tax in EC is 10.5%, one of the highest in CA, if not the US. (Sales tax in EC was 9.75% due to residents voting to increase own sales tax by referendum.) EC gov't has no problem reaching into our pockets for money, but when it comes to providing services, giving us something in return, that's an entirely different story. For instance, the repaving that occurred with Obama American Recovery & Reinvestment Act funds was one of the worst jobs I have ever seen, with contracts no doubt going to connected insiders and family. The job was so substandard that portions of Moeser had to be repaved 3-4 times. I dare any of you bleeding heart libs to walk with your wives & young children down Conlon, past the ragtag crowd of loitering illegal aliens, which spill into the adjacent Home Depot parking lot. This kind turning a blind ideological eye to social disorder and lawlessness is what has driven businesses out of downtown Berkeley. Loitering, btw, is against the law.
Borris Batanov January 20, 2013 at 05:13 PM
Erratum: EC sales tax is (if obeyed) 10.25%
John Stashik January 20, 2013 at 06:16 PM
The Board of Equalization requires me to collect 9.5% on sales in El Cerrito. I don't know what you're talking about.
John Stashik January 20, 2013 at 06:26 PM
Home Depot should be coerced into constructing some type of facility on their property for use by all the day laborers the firm attracts. It seems to be their business model. Make it a hiring hall. Better than having all those folks lining the Avenue especially in the rain. Borris, you have the tax rate wrong.
Kathy A. January 20, 2013 at 08:37 PM
Borris -- if you begin a statement with a perjorative slang reference to other commenters, you are not looking for civil discussion; you're angling for a fight. Will you please try not to do that? It is possible to disagree without calling names. I am not uncomfortable around the gentlemen near the Home Depot -- they want to work so they can feed themselves and their families, not to hit on the womenfolk. I don't take my wife there, since I don't have a wife; but I also do not feel the need to take my husband for protection. I'm not a large or strong enough woman to win a physical altercation with most men, so I'm fairly safety-conscious. Perhaps there are occasional exceptions, but these men look sober, dressed for hard work, and well-behaved. I do not recall seeing much in the way of crime reports involving these workers, in the police blotter. Please do not assume that everybody looking for work is an illegal alien. California has a large population of US citizens with Hispanic backgrounds. Plenty of people all over the country are under-employed right now. There is no shame in looking for honest work.
Kathy A. January 20, 2013 at 09:10 PM
About our roads in EC -- they're in really good condition! You can definitely tell the difference, driving in nearby towns (Richmond; Kensington; Albany; Berkeley). I do recall that some places ended up being repaved -- but my recollection is that underground utility work was needed here and there, so small places were excavated and then re-finished. These burglaries -- [1] resident ended up being home, and the suspect fled immediately (dogs are also good for making a house unattractive); [2] Uhaul truck to a house staged for sale, which was obviously unoccupied at the time (always good to be in touch with the neighbors about what to expect, and to exchange phone numbers in case they see something unexpected); [3] garage entry only; and [4] jewelry only was stolen, sometime during a 3 day period (I'm speculating, but this suggests that someone knew the house was unoccupied for a period of time, and knew just where to look). Nobody favors burglaries, but thankfully nobody was hurt. And this sample suggests that some common-sense measures -- which the ECPD is happy to talk with homeowners about -- might make homes less attractive, and reduce losses. From recent sales receipts, I think John is correct about 9.5% sales tax, and I was wrong. Apologies!
Borris Batanov January 21, 2013 at 12:08 AM
Tec January 21, 2013 at 09:06 AM
I would like to thank the staff of El Cerrito Patch for providing a safe place for people to make racist comments. Unfortunately, you have also made it a hostile place for people that are not of European descent but, obviously, you do not care. "Borris Batanov" drove by Home Depot and automatically assumed that all the men there were undocumented immigrants. To decide this, he only needed to see the color of their skin. How is that not racist? Why is he allowed to post this racist term multiple times? What happens when "flag as inappropriate" is clicked? Do you just sit there and laugh? Am I allowed to call all men of European descent "serial killers" because they make up the vast majority of serial killers? Of course not. That would be unfair and racist. Yet, "Borris Batanov" IS allowed to make racist comments based on skin color because he is the right color for the Patch, while I, being brown, am considered less than human. Of course, this comment will be deleted.
CCResident January 21, 2013 at 04:16 PM
Don't worry, Tec. Not many of us agree or appreciate what Boris writes. And, Boris, for the record, I DO take my children to Home Depot, and I also point out to them WHO is looking for work. That's right, Boris. Whenever we see men on the street corner seeking work, I make a point of showing my kids. And I tell them, "If you ever hear someone speak poorly of immigrants, documented or undocumented, you know the truth. If you have the courage to speak up, tell them about the hard-working men you see here, willing to do work that no one wants to do." I have told them this since they were toddlers. So, Boris, if you ever have the courage yourself to bash these men publicly, and a child challenges your ignorance and racism, that kid is mine!
Borris Batanov January 21, 2013 at 04:54 PM
How do you know the men loitering around Home Depot illegally are undocumented aliens, as opposed to legal aliens? Next time you're taking estimates from contractors for work to your house, just tell them you don't want illegal aliens working on your property. See how many estimates you get. You'd be lucky to get one. Illegal aliens have displaced American laborers in the construction trades, because they are willing to work for substandard wages, without benefits. Seems both contractors and property owners are happy to break the law, as long as it means paying less. That's why the men are loitering near Home Depot illegally on Conlon Ave. They used to be on San Pablo, until the ECPD chased them off. Incidentally, two men committed armed robbery across the street from Home Depot week before last.
Borris Batanov January 21, 2013 at 05:21 PM
The bigger issue is a liberal, permissive community allowing social disorder and lawlessness. Berkeley serves as an excellent example. Shattuck and Telegraph are unsafe after dark. Peoples Park is unsafe, esp. for young women, 24/7. There's drug dealing there out in the open 24/7. Numerous businesses, many of them local, independent businesses, have closed in Berkeley: Franks Jewelry, Ross, Levy’s, Edies Diner, Tupper Reed Music, Eddie Bauer, Gateway, Houston Shoes, Cody's, George B. Goode, etc. etc. Ask the local merchants why. I have. They'll tell you it's because the loitering street crowd (who, btw, are NOT homeless) make for an unfriendly business environment and crime. Don't believe me? Walk behind any young woman walking by herself anywhere near the downtown Berkeley Bart station. Watch as the loitering bums harass her. I have. It's a sewer. Why? I asked a Berkeley cop why he allows drug dealing and consumption out in the open on the streets of Berkeley, why people are lying on the sidewalks. He told me it's the policy of the city government, that his hands are tied. This is what is happening to north San Pablo Ave. Just look at the increasing number of empty stores and empty lots. Watch the slow creep of urban blight, as you cower in your houses at night, afraid to walk on San Pablo Ave., comforting yourself behind your alarm systems, if that's the community you want.
CMC January 21, 2013 at 08:23 PM
Boris is a troll, and you are all feeding him.
Kathy A. January 21, 2013 at 10:22 PM
CMC -- hear you. Probably I'm commenting too much, but sometimes it bothers me to see our community tarred by comments that don't really reflect the EC that I know and love. I appreciate this place to talk about local issues and concerns, so long as it stays civil. Borris turned to Berkeley, I think as an example of loitering being bad for business. I miss some of the businesses he mentions! But there are quite a few factors in changes of businesses. Cody's and many other independent bookstores have gone under; big chains like B&N can buy in quantity for less; Amazon and other online booksellers have really taken over the business nationally. Gateway computers went the way of many other computer and tech operations, being bought and most if not all of its stores shut. Eddie Bauer is no longer fashionable. And so on. Rising rents in Berkeley -- as in El Cerrito -- have also helped close stores. We have lost a number of businesses over the years in EC, for a number of reasons that do not include loitering. Changes in the economy and changes in how consumers do business are a couple of those factors. Tupper Reed was a wonderful music store! It's interesting that although EC lost Guitar Center, a generic chain, it also still features Music Works (instruments, lessons, and more), Down Home Music Store, and Ifshin Violins -- amazing and fabulous resources, all.
John Stashik January 22, 2013 at 07:33 AM
The bums on Telegraph didn't help Cody's business at all. Guitar Store left EC for better quarters and parking. Keeping the streets clean of bums (like in Berkeley) can only help business. As for the day laborers at Home Depot, people love to exploit them. Hire for cheap wages, provide no benefits, pay no insurance. I doubt many that hire them abide by IRS regulations and get a W-9 on hiring and issue 1099 forms when payment in a year is over $600. If a day laborer suffers an on the job injury, the person hiring likely would intimidate them into not filing for workers compensation. It is exploitation pure and simple and it works for both parties. People want to make top dollar but will not pay decent wages; hence the market for folks outside of a Home Depot.
mindyerownbizness January 26, 2013 at 08:58 PM
The PC crowd here in EC will never get it till the bums are camping on their own front lawns.


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