A Patch Peek at a Backyard Patch

Patch would like to thank a resident who sent us this photo of a backyard vegetable patch in El Cerrito. It looks like some folks will be enjoying fresh, homegrown produce before summer's end.

Those readers who know their way around a vegetable patch can probably identify which is what in this backyard near Harding School in El Cerrito.

Luckily for those of us who may not easily recognize the plants that create the produce we see on grocery shelves, the person who sent this photo also provided this description:

"An El Cerrito backyard vegetable patch is doing quite well. In the back on the left are tomatoes and then in front of them is a patch of carrots. Front center are beets, then corn beyond the beets. Fava beans are just visible behind the corn, up against the fence (where the poles are). In the front on the right are Italian beans; behind them a second crop of radishes is coming up around the green onions."

If you have a home garden, we invite you to add your photos to this article (and some of us would probably benefit from identifications in the captions).


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