Why I Sleep With Two Females in the Same House

Female Problems

Life can get complicated when you're spending half the night with one maiden and the second half with the other double chromosomal being. It's not exactly a harem...so far.

I had been with the first gal for about seven or so years and we lived happily in a succession of apartments.  Occasionally, I'd bring home another gal just for variety, but Z was never jealous.  She knew she was number one.

Until I met B. 

B and Z got along famously, but there was something in the air that was causing trouble and sneezing.

Cat dander.

So when B and I moved in together, we agreed the door to the bedroom should be closed.  Z would have to find another place to sleep. Our menage a trois was over.

Z handled it well, taking to the upstairs bedroom until she heard us get up in the morning.

I missed having my feline friend on the bed, but so be it.


Then a couple of weeks ago, Z decided she'd had enough alone time. She began yipping and scratching at our door at 3:46 a.m. every morning. 

I tried putting a sound machine on the outside of the door.  I selected rain to drown out her whining, but Z's meow is like a smoke detector that needs new batteries.  You don't know exactly when there will be a an annoying beep, but you know it's going to come.  And you can't sleep.

I tried thunder and when that didn't work I tried to program a Phyllis Diller monolog into the machine.  Still no luck.

I even added a purifier inside the doorway.

Still, I could hear her.

For the time being, I have given in.  When Z wakes, I slip out of bed and go into the guest bedroom and I am hers for the remainder of the morning.

It's not the perfect solution, but it works for now.

Any suggestions?

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Barbara Bennett January 16, 2013 at 04:32 AM


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