Meeting with Peet Peterson at Peat's

Coffee is for Closers

I went over to Peat's (No, not the one on San Pablo) to meet with my buddy Peet Peterson.  He wasn't there yet so I decided to use my free coupon  while I waited.

I had been to this coffee joint a couple of weeks and when I ordered a cup of java, the coffee guy said he'd have to make a new pot.  He said it would be "Thirty seconds.  That okay?"

Sure. I'm a busy guy but I can wait thirty seconds.  Usually. 

And I did.

But when forty seconds passed, I said, "I think the 30 seconds are up."  

I'm wound tight, always on deadline and I expect others to follow my lead.  Don't make promises you can't keep.

When I tell my cat to come, she better come.  Or at least in the next couple of hours. Not that I don't love my cat (I often give her a bath.  And, people are so surprised to find out she absolutely loves it! Loves it! And I enjoy doing it too -- except when the hair sticks to my tongue).

He senses my dissatisfaction and gives me a coupon for a free cup.

So today I present my coupon, and the pregnant barista says, "Would you like to upgrade that?"

I had called her out on her condition earlier, saying "Is it okay for you to drink coffee?"

I was 90 percent sure she was with child underneath the apron, but you never know.  I had come armed with back up anyway.  If she wasn't pregnant, I'd save her face by saying, "It's just pounds anyway," or "What I was trying to say was that you'd look beautiful pregnant if you ever decided to bring a child into this strange and beautiful world."

Anyway, she had said it was okay to drink coffee, just not over a certain amount.

"No," I deadpanned.  "How about a downgrade?" I love to be downgraded.

She went into an long explanation about how it would be difficult to downgrade from a small cup of coffee. I stick with whatever is between a downgrade and an upgrade.

After an hour or so and Pete Peterson is nowhere in sight, I go to use the bathroom.  It's got one of those sensory-enhanced lights, or whatever you call them. But it's flickering off and on.  It's nighttime in here.

Hmmm.  I can wait twenty minutes or more for them to repair it, or see if I can handle things in the dark.  I see what I think is a hole, a black hole or some sort of white thing  that surrounds something the opposite of white.

That must be it!

I go for it.  

Everything goes well, but I figure I might as well let the staff know about the problem. 

"The light's out in the Men's room," I tell the pregnant barista.   "Can't get any reading done in there."

Addendum to bathroom reading:  Never bring a book into the the library bathroom because they will force you to check it out for two weeks.

"I'll get it fixed."

And she did. 

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