Large Funeral Gathering for Tyler De Martini

The funeral today, Tuesday, for Tyler De Martini, the former El Cerrito High student fatally injured by a car while skateboarding on Marin Avenue, drew an estimated 400 people to Sunset View Cemetery.

It was standing room only, with many friends and loved ones spilling into hallways and an overflow room at chapel today, Tuesday, to remember Tyler De Martini. 

The 18-year-old Berkeley resident who attended El Cerrito High School as a freshman, sophomore and junior died last week after a along Marin Avenue at Tulare Avenue.

De Martini's funeral Tuesday morning drew an estimated 400-plus people. Afterward, he was buried in a private ceremony for family at St. Joseph Cemetery in San Pablo.

De Martini has family roots in El Cerrito – his grandfather and father owned the well-known Mel-O-Dee lounge in El Cerrito Plaza for many years.

Best friend Jordan Riker, in his eulogy, reflected on meeting De Martini in sixth grade at baseball try-outs at Castro Park. He described Tyler as a "short and stocky kid with a buzz cut and the biggest attitude." 

Riker recalled an early practice together where Tyler gave Riker the nickname "Crazy Legs" because of Riker's running style. That day, Tyler, who was four or five inches shorter than Riker, swooped Riker up and carried him around the field.

Afterward, waiting for practice to begin, the two boys sat talking, "and I just felt like I'd known this kid all my life. He had the best ears. He always wanted to hear what I had to say."

Riker said, in one game, as Tyler slid into second base, a member of the other team hurled a ball toward the baseman to get an out. The ball struck Tyler square in the jaw: "There was blood gushing everywhere." The coach told Tyler to leave the game, but "Tyler just stood up and said, 'No, coach. We gotta win.'"

Riker continued: "He was always thinking of others first: family first, friends first."

Tyler played baseball through ninth grade at El Cerrito High, said Riker, then, to everyone's surprise, stopped abruptly. 

Riker said he remembers Tyler's explanation: "I quit baseball because I'm in love with skateboarding. I just can't keep my feet away from the skateboard."

De Martini's cousin, Mimi Cammack, choked back her tears as she spoke in her eulogy about her cousin's "fearlessness, persistence and athleticism," among other qualities.

"He was loyal," she said. "He brought smiles and laughter to the happiest of occasions and also the most difficult ones."

Cammack described Tyler as "a hero to my son," and urged those in attendance to follow Tyler's example and "Laugh often, love passionately and live fearlessly."

Godfather Chris Clark noted, in his remarks, Tyler's unconventional approach to life.

"Tyler didn't live his life in a textbook," he said. "He didn't care much for the classroom.... I want to be as fearless as Tyler was, though I'll probably never jump off of 10 stairs on a skateboard. At that moment, there was nothing that held Tyler back, when he had his skateboard under his feet."

De Martini was the within a period of four days. Early Sunday morning, Jan. 29, 17-year-old senior Jeremy Crowder was hit by a train and killed in Richmond.

A funeral for Crowder is set for tomorrow at 1 p.m. at Sunset View.

Corrections: The original version of this article incorrectly identified De Martini's cousin Mimi Cammack as his aunt. It also, relying on incorrect information obtained from El Cerrito High School, gave the wrong time for the funeral of Jeremy Crowder. Both errors have been corrected.

Stephanie February 08, 2012 at 06:58 PM
FYI: The service for Jeremy Crowder Wednesday, February 8 is at 1 pm not 2 pm at Sunset View Chapel.
Charles Burress (Editor) February 08, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Thank you for the correction. Yes, it did begin at 1 p.m. We apologize to anyone who was late because of it. (We got the 2 p.m. time from the high school's weekly bulletin. The school later sent out a correction that we unfortunately didn't see. We obviously should have double-checked.)


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