Groves, Enos Take Seats on School Board on 12-12-12

Newly elected school board members Todd Groves and Randall Enos were sworn in Wednesday night for the West Contra Costa Unified School District. The board also selected Madeline Kronenberg president and Charles Ramsey as clerk.

Todd Groves and Randy (Randall) Enos were sworn in Wednesday to the West Contra Costa Unified School District board.

The two new members joined the other three board members in unanimously selecting Madeline Kronenberg to take over as board president from Charles Ramsey, who has served for the past two years. After Kronenberg thanked him for his leadership of the school board during a critical period, the board unanimously selected Ramsey to take over the position of clerk.

Groves and Enos were elected Nov. 6, defeating incumbent Antonio Medrano and Robert Studdiford, who was making his second bid for the board.

Final results for the election show Groves with 29.59 percent of the vote, Enos with 28.10 percent, Medrano with 24.60 percent, and Studdiford with 17.33 percent.

Board members are elected to four-year terms. The board annually selects a board president and clerk.

Groves announced Sunday on his election Facebook page that he will be blogging as a board member, opening with a post advancing Wednesday night's meeting.

Giorgio C. December 13, 2012 at 02:34 PM
Thank you Randy and Todd for the mission you have signed on for. Thank you, Charles Ramsey, for reaching out to Hercules. I was sorry to learn of the passing of WCCUSD custodian, Elijah Collor. I remember his presence at Richmond High School being a very positive contribution to the school team effort. Regarding the Community Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) and the role it plays with respect to oversight of parcel tax funds, I support the suggestion made by the CBAC Chairman Eduardo Martinez, that the CBAC and Academic Subcommittee work more closely together. At the recent CBAC meeting, I sought to gain a better picture of the qualifications of our teaching staff, but this was not the responsibility of the Business Manager who oversees the committee. I did greatly appreciated the input from the CBAC alternate Principal for sharing some of the considerations regarding school-classroom staffing issues. When the taxpayer can truly visualize how the funds are being used, they will be more supportive of such parcel tax funding mechanisms. Regarding the weighted student formula, this means no funding for the Adult School, correct? Why isn't the Adult School part of the Community College district? The classes offered at the Adult School are usually offered at local JCs. The WCCUSD has enough on its plate. Lastly, can we please have this article linked with the Hercules-Pinole Patch so they do not feel left out of the WCCUSD? Thanks, Patch staff!
Valerie Snider December 13, 2012 at 05:32 PM
I have yet to attend a meeting where a board member doesn't mention that the district paid off their debt, thereby releasing the district from the supervision of the state trustee. The reason the debt was paid off was BECAUSE the district was under the supervision of the state trustee. Does one deserve accolades for paying off a debt that one is legally obligated to pay? I hope in the next four years our board members and superintendent have some authentic accomplishments to crow about.
Giorgio C. December 14, 2012 at 02:18 AM
Hi Patch Staff-Editors, Can you please post WCCUSD articles on the Hercules-Pinole Patch? Hercules and Pinole want to be part of the dialogue. Thanks!
Susan December 17, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Valerie, the Board should darn well be proud of the fact that they paid off the loan four years early. I was a parent of a first grader during the initial bankruptcy. You know, we didn't create this problem, nor did our current school board. And we parent volunteers worked our tails off to diminish the debt. Did you know that due to AB 3346 that both the WCCUSD and the Coachella Valley School District (also had a state bail out) encouraged us to log our hours of volunteering? and we DID! AB 3346 : " 1) Allows the respective district to establish repayment programs using individual or business volunteers who will repay a portion of the loan obligation by either working in the schools of the district or by making monetary or in-kind donations to the district." And Valerie, we parents did JUST THAT. So you don't think it's a big deal to pay off that debt - THINK AGAIN.


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