Price of Stamps, Some Services to Rise Sunday

The "Forever Stamp" will cost an extra cent after U.S. Postal Service price increase take effect tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 22.

United States Postal Service price boosts announced in October will kick in tomorrow, Sunday.

Key changes include:

  • Letters (1 oz.): 1-cent increase to 45 cents (the additional ounce price of 20 cents remains unchanged)
  • Postcards: 3-cent increase to 32 cents
  • Letters to Canada or Mexico (1 oz.): 5-cent increase to 85 cents.
  • Letters to other international destinations: 7-cent increase to $1.05

Prices will also change for other mailing services, including Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services and Extra Services, according to the USPS.

Express and Priority Mail prices won't be affected, according to a news release.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahue said in a statement on the USPS web site that the increase is “small” and is necessary “to help address [USPS'] current financial crisis.”

The USPS reportedly lost $8 billion in 2010 and is legally allowed to increase prices only up to the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation – which was 2.1 percent for this increase, according to the USPS.


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