Kensington Traffic Meeting Ends in Jam

Resolution of residents' concerns seemed elusive Monday night at a Kensington community meeting to discuss traffic issues.

Around 50 Kensington residents gathered in the Monday night to discuss , especially speeding on Arlington Avenue, but no consensus on solutions was reached.

Also in attendance were , Kensington Police Chief Greg Harman and country traffic engineer Jerry Fahy.

Officials said simple speed reduction devices, such as stop signs and speed humps, are not satisfactory or difficult to implement. Fahy said stop signs direct the right of way, not slow traffic, and neighbors often disagree about having speed humps on their streets. 

He said the have slowed cars from an average of 24 mph in 2010 to below 20 mph this year.

Several Kensington residents objected to the findings.

One man, who said he is a statistics professor at UC Berkeley, said drivers are still speeding past 25 mph on The Arlington and asked for an independent evaluation of the electronic speed signs’ effectiveness.

A woman said her house is in front of a speed sign and she saw no cars driving less than 25 mph.

One Kensington resident said the city should focus on burglaries instead of traffic. He said he'd wager that 90 percent of Kensington residents are more concerned about break-ins than speeding, swearing he would move out of Kensington if he were wrong.

When the meeting ended, no solution had been reached.

Supervisor Gioia said he plans to have smaller meetings in the next couple of months with residents, police and public works representatives about speeding hotspots in Kensington.  

Rodney Paul August 16, 2011 at 04:10 PM
I was at the meeting, and it seems to me that the County is now more open to solutions such as speed humps than they were in the past. Jerry Fahy said the onus is on the neighborhood to reach a broad agreement on whether to implement this. This is a more open stance than what we were told in the past. I felt Sup. John Gioia, Chief Greg Harman and Mr. Fahy did a good job of listening to our concerns and committed themselves to further steps to improve traffic safety. As a resident of the Colusa Circle area, I believe traffic compliance has improved but more should be done. People should be able to send their kids to the Colusa Circle without having to worry about their safety in our pedestrian crosswalks.
sam August 16, 2011 at 05:40 PM
Bravo to the resident who advocated a greater emphasis on curbing break-ins over traffic enforcement! My sense is that the Kensington PD has a lot of idle time on their hands, and most if it is spent ensuring public safety by issuing tickets. Perhaps an exchange program with Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco Police Departments could give these fine upstanding officers a taste of what real police work is all about.
Linda Lipscomb September 15, 2011 at 03:30 AM
Kensington is located proximal to several cities that have a very high incidence of serious crime. The crime rate in Kensington is low, and it is not because the criminals don't know how to drive 10 minutes to get to Kensington. And not because they don't know that the pickings are richer in Kensington than other places. It is because of the extrememly fine work of our police force, which is constantly patrolling, observing the numerous "visitors" to our community, and scoping out suspicious activities. Your impression that the PD has a lot of idle time on its hands is simply at odds with the facts. A recent Municipal Service Review performed by LAFCO of the Kensington Police Department's performance shows a significantly higher rate of solving those crimes that do occur, when compared with the rates in neighboring communities. The same report shows that the Kensington PD response time is far better than that of surrounding communities as well.


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