Kensington "Post Office" Staying — Wave of Future

The U.S. Postal Service plans to open more small "Village Post Offices" inside local businesses, while closing many of its traditional stand-alone post offices.

Following recent U.S. Postal Service announcements of post office closings, some in nearby towns, more than one resident has apparently stopped in the in the asking if it might be closed.

But as Anne Larson points out, the Postal Service is looking at opening smaller post offices in other pharmacies or retail businesses similar to what we already have.

In a July 26 news release, the Postal Service announced plans to bolster the model of the "Village Post Office" that "would be operated by local businesses, such as pharmacies, grocery stores and other appropriate retailers, and would offer popular postal products and services such as stamps and flat-rate packaging."

So it doesn’t look like we’re in danger of losing the postal branch. Kensington may represent a model for everyone else.

Mike Duigou August 08, 2011 at 11:10 PM
The "Village Post Office" model works pretty well in Canada. Canada Post started moving to this model about 20 years ago. Parcel and registered mail pickup is one area where it doesn't help. It actually makes these tasks a bit harder because there are many fewer full service offices.


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