Frolic with the Art Muse at the Community Center

El Cerrito organized a do-it-yourself arts fair for California Arts Day this year, and the Saturday event drew a number of people, young and not so young, who applied their creativity and practicing artists who displayed their work.

Whether your age is measured in single digits or somewhere in the wide range of double digits, making art can be a fully aborbing experience, as seen on the faces of those who took part in El Cerrito's first-ever held Saturday at the .

Sponsored by the city's Arts and Culture Commission as a way for the city to celebrate California Arts Day, the event featured hands-on workshops for making art as well as tables for local artists to showcase their work. Workshops included "junk-a-sketching" (incorporating discarded small objects into sketches), teen improv, metal tool art, and printing on textiles and paper.

The accompanying photos show but a sampling. We hope they offer some idea of what could be seen.


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