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Final Vote Tally: Disparity in Obama Love in Contra Costa

If blue is the Democrat color, the deepest indigo in Contra Costa County is the western corner with El Cerrito and its immediate neighbors, according to the final Presidential election results. Guess which part is on the baby blue end of the spectrum?

The westernmost part of Contra Costa County, including El Cerrito and Kensington, was also the most Barack Obama friendly in the Presidential election by a significant margin, according to the final election results from the county's Elections Division.

In El Cerrito and neighboring Kensington, Richmond and San Pablo, the incumbent President received well above 80 percent of the vote on Nov. 6. No other section of the county surpassed the 80 percent mark.

The strongest support for Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who lost by varying margins in all areas of the county, was found in the south county cities of Danville, Moraga and San Ramon. Romney approval in those areas ranged from 37.7 percent of the votes to 48.0 percent, while those voting for Romney in El Cerrito and its neighbors ranged from 8.9 to 10.1 percent.

These totals come from a city-by-city breakdown of 16 incorporated jurisdictions provided by the county Elections Division. They can be found in a chart at the bottom of this article. The figures for Kensington, which is not incorporated, were compiled by Patch from precinct-level results.

Richmond registered the highest ratio of Obama partisans with 87.7 percent, followed by San Pablo at 87.0 percent, El Cerrito at 84.4 percent and Kensington at 83.2 percent. All the other cities had levels of support below 80 percent.

In only one Contra Costa city did the President fail to win a majority – Danville, where 49.4 percent picked Obama, compared with 48.0 percent for Romney.



Total votes Obama Romney Obama % Romney % Concord 46910 30475 14621 65.0% 31.2% Danville 24022 11870 11521 49.4% 48.0% El Cerrito 12437 10496 1391 84.4% 11.2% Hercules 10100 7929 1901 78.5% 18.8% Lafayette 14656 9001 5174 61.4% 35.3% Martinez 17911 11641 5527 65.0% 30.9% Moraga 9019 5244 3487 58.1% 38.7% Oakley 12052 7195 4381 59.7% 36.4% Orinda 11508 7158 3968 62.2% 34.5% Pinole 8247 6027 1935 73.1% 23.5% Pittsburg 19854 15681 3598 79.0% 18.1% Pleasant Hill 16325 10746 4868 65.8% 29.8% Richmond 34072 29912 3025 87.8% 8.9% San Pablo 6166 5365 623 87.0% 10.1% San Ramon 29243 17410 11028 59.5% 37.7% Walnut Creek 36755 22918 12718 62.4% 34.6%


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best bookkeeper December 06, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Danville citizens are trying hard to thwart laws requiring affordable housing in their community, keeping out "Obama voters" at the residential level and protecting the 1% from even seeing the bottom 50%.
Kathy A. December 06, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Obama still won Danville, at 49.4% vs. Romney's 48.0%. That's a little more red, but not so far off the nationwide tally: 50.9% vs. 47.4%. So, Danville counts as the conservative outpost in CoCoCo. I'm very happy to live in El Cerrito. We have a fabulous little town -- welcoming, caring, thoughtful. Sure, we have disagreements; but this city is engaged. We care about our kids, our citizens, the schools and the future. Kudos to all who keep our little slice of the Bay Area moving ahead.


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