Congresswoman Esty to Serve on Gun Violence Prevention Task Force

"We can’t allow the loss of innocent life we saw in Newtown to happen again," Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty said in a statement.


Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (D-5th) has been selected to serve as a vice chairman on the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, which was formed last month in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Newtown to investigate steps Congress should take to reduce gun violence.

“I’m honored to be named to the leadership team for the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force,” said Esty, who beat Republican Andrew Roraback in the Fifth Congressional District race in the November election, in a press release issued just one day after she was sworn in. “As the Representative for Newtown and as a mother, I feel a special responsibility to that community and to the parents who have suffered such unimaginable horror."

"We can’t allow the loss of innocent life we saw in Newtown to happen again," Esty added. "We can’t allow the loss of innocent life that we have seen far too often in Waterbury and Meriden and far too many of our cities and our towns to continue. The status quo is unacceptable, and action is long overdue."

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced the formation of the task force last month following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary which took the lives of 27 people, including 20 students.

U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson of California will serve as chairman of the task force, which is expected to present its first proposals on gun control by early February.

“Having met with law enforcement, our first responders, mental health professionals, and community leaders in Newtown and across our state, it is clear to me that we must take comprehensive action," Esty said. "That means commonsense, federal gun-safety policies that work as well as making a firm and lasting commitment to mental health services."

Will Wilkin January 06, 2013 at 07:56 PM
Guns made for killing human beings should only be in the hands of members in good standing of a well-regulated militia. Hunters only need single-shot rifles or shotguns. The amount of firepower private citizens have today was completely unknown and impossible in 1789, when the concept "to bear arms" had a martial sense and was a collective right of the states, alien to today's insanity of personal militarism with zero attachment to a well-regulated militia. The Constitution described the Militia as regulated by Congress, under the control of officers appointed by the state, and subject to the command of the President in times of emergency. Those members of the militia were liable to conscription by the state or the President, and those members who broke discipline were subject to court-martial. We need a return to Constitutional law.
Dave January 07, 2013 at 02:36 AM
Hunt Much? So deer would be the only animal these guns would be used for? What about bear, mountian lions,cayote,wolf, wild hogs? this is a huge country and Ct is just a very small part of it. Would you suggest a golfer not be able to own his own clubs (after all Martha Moxley was murdered with one) and have to rent or buy them every time he went away on a trip? How about a gutairist giving a concert in another state? You see that is no differant than a gun is to a hunter from Ct. travaling to hunt anywhere in the USA. Even if the game they want to hunt is not here in Ct, these rifles have a perpose for sportsmen everywhere in the good old USA. Last I heard this was a free country and if I wanted to purchase one for target practice or home defence I should be able to. Wouldn't be the first time I baught something just becuase. How about you? That is our right and no ones buiness but our own.
Mary Beth Nelsen January 08, 2013 at 02:13 PM
Dave- a decent hunter can shoot any animal with a single- shot rifle or shotgun. If you need a semi-automatic with a 30-round clip to take down an unarmed animal, maybe you should consider another hobby, like playing the guitar. Which, by the way, is also ineffective for hunting, or executing 26 people in under ten minutes.
Dave January 08, 2013 at 02:56 PM
Again you think deer are the only game hunted. What about predator hunting like I mentioned in my last post? Would a Rancher in Texas or Alabama want to use a single shot gun when hunting feral hogs?There are states that allow you to hunt them from a helicopter if you choose. How about a hunter in Montana, Alaska, or any where else hunters track different types of dangerous game? What If I wanted to go on a hunting trip, would I be able to bring the correct riffle with me? You are also leaving out people that shoot for sport and competition. It's just like any other sport people choose to participate in. Didn't the country allow student to participate in gun clubs in their schools and actually kept their guns in school for that reason? If an American chooses to own a firearm that is there own private business. Can you tell me how the gun ban and all the laws made for guns in Ct. kept the nut job from doing what he did? MR. Looney (D) New Haven is jumping on the gun control band wagon proposing laws on ammo that already exist just so he can campaign on the knee jerk issue. Why not mental heath issues and getting them help before this happens? That would be way too hard and too expensive so the politicians won't consider it.
Dave January 10, 2013 at 09:34 PM


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