City of El Cerrito Launches New Online Engagement Forum

Sound off about issues in El Cerrito.

Screenshot of the Open El Cerrito website
Screenshot of the Open El Cerrito website

The City of El Cerrito has a new online engagement forum, where community members can express their opinion and read what others are saying too. 

Called Open El Cerrito, the first topic relates to priorities for the City Budget. This topic poses the question, “How would you spend $500 to fund what is most important to you in El Cerrito?” and allows people to “spend” $500 among the goal areas established in the City’s strategic Plan, as well as leave comments about what city services and programs are most important to them. 

Open El Cerrito is online at www.el-cerrito.org/openelcerrito.

It can also be accessed by visiting the City’s website at www.el-cerrito.org and clicking on the “Open El Cerrito” button in the top right. 

City officials will read the information posted on Open El Cerrito and incorporate the feedback received into their decision-making process.

“In addition to meetings, Open El Cerrito is another way to engage in a conversation with the community,” said Suzanne Iarla, Community Outreach Specialist. 

The City of El Cerrito has contracted with Peak Democracy, to run Open El Cerrito. Peak Democracy is a non-partisan company whose mission is to broaden civic engagement and enhance public trust in government.

—Information submitted by City of El Cerrito



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