Police Calls: Gunshots Reported, Attempted Burglary, Shoplifter with 3 Warrants

The El Cerrito Police Department Log for January 17-20

El Cerrito Police Department Log. Photo credit: Nicole Jones
El Cerrito Police Department Log. Photo credit: Nicole Jones

Editor's note: the El Cerrito Police Blotter below is provided by the El Cerrito police department.

Friday, January 17th

Recovered Stolen Vehicle - 1800 block of Hudson Street
At 1:47p.m., a parking enforcement officer located a 1995 Nissan reported stolen to Berkeley PD on December 21st. The vehicle was recovered and stored for the owner.

Shoplifting and Three Outstanding Warrants
At 9:15a.m., an officer responded to Safeway regarding a shoplifting theft. The officer accepted the citizen’s arrest of a 43 year old woman from Berkeley for stealing $87 worth of groceries. The officer transported the woman to ECPD where fingerprints determined she uses many different fraudulent names and had three outstanding warrants for theft related crimes from Berkeley. The officer booked the woman at ECPD and then transported her to the county jail in Martinez.

Warrant Arrest - Blake Avenue and Lexington Avenue
At 3:48p.m., an officer spoke with a suspicious person and arrested the 37 year old man from San Francisco for a no bail warrant for controlled substance held by the San Francisco PD. The officer transported the man to the county jail in Martinez.

Warrant Arrest - Potrero Avenue / Eastshore Blvd.
At approximately 8:22p.m., an officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop and arrested a 43 year old El Cerrito woman on a misdemeanor traffic warrant from Santa Cruz. She was released on her signed promise to appear in court.

Attempted Burglary - 800 block of Pomona Avenue
At 8:20p.m., an officer responded to the report of an attempted residential burglary. The resident heard her doorbell ring. Later, she reviewed her surveillance system and saw two black male subjects, both 18-20 years old, at her front door trying to open it. One of the suspects went to the side of the residence where both suspects were scared when the home owner activated her alarm.

Bicycle Patrol
As part of the Police Department’s patrol procedures, officers ride police bicycles in throughout the City. Some of these patrols are to address emerging crime trends, some to deter thefts, and they are part of our continuing community involvement. Two bicycle officers conducted patrol at the E.C. Plaza and Safeway to deter thefts in between 7:00p.m. and 11:00p.m.. They also patrolled the BART trail between the two locations to provide a presence for commuters. The officers issued one citation to a subject on the BART path with an open alcoholic beverage. The bicycle team also provided patrol at the ECHS vs. St. Mary’s Basketball game from 9:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. as the game ended.

Saturday, January 18th

Driving under the Influence of an Alcoholic Beverage - 1700 Eastshore Blvd.
At 2:29a.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop and arrested a 35 year old Richmond woman for driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage. The woman was booked and released on a citation to her friend.

Burglary - 1600 block of Arlington Blvd
At 4:21p.m., an officer responded to a report of a residential burglary. The victim reported an ex-boyfriend entered her home without permission and stole items.

Warrant Arrest - Lucky’s 1000 El Cerrito Plaza
At 4:42p.m., an officer spoke with a suspicious person in front of Lucky’s. The officer arrested the 36 year old man from El Cerrito for a $5K no cite warrant held by Albany PD for possession of stolen property. The officer booked the man and then transported him to the county jail in Martinez.

Possession of Methamphetamine - San Pablo Ave / Knott Ave.
At 8:12p.m., an officer made a bicycle enforcement stop. During the officer’s investigation, the officer arrested the bicyclist, a 55 year old Richmond man for possession of methamphetamine, a pipe and possession of stolen property which included credit cards. While booking the suspect, he was found to have initially provided a false name and it was discovered the man also had a warrant for his arrest. He was transported to the County Jail in Martinez.

Sunday, January 19th

Warrant Arrest - San Pablo Avenue and Hill Street
At 3:28p.m., an officer noticed a suspicious person loitering in the area. The 32 year old man from Fairfield, was contacted and provided a false name however a portable fingerprint device convinced the man to provide his true identity. A records check revealed the man was a parolee at large and wanted by the Department of Corrections. An officer transported the man to the Contra Costa County jail in Martinez.

Stolen Vehicle - Kearney Street and Wall Avenue
At 4:56p.m., an officer responded to a report of a stolen vehicle. The victim reported a Honda Accord was stolen sometime within the last 24 hours.

Possession of police batons, marijuana and drug paraphernalia – Cutting Blvd - San Pablo Ave.
At 1:02a.m., an officer arrested a 55 year old resident of Antioch, for possession of two police batons, drug paraphernalia, marijuana and driving without a license during a traffic stop. He was booked and released on a citation.

Driving Under the Influence - San Pablo Avenue and Cutting Blvd
At 3:00a.m. an officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a vehicle and suspected the driver was impaired. The officer conducted field sobriety tests and arrested the 38 year old female driver from Richmond, for DUI. The officer booked the woman at ECPD and then released her with a citation to a sober friend.

Monday, January 20th

Warrant Arrest - BART Path and Moeser Lane
At 3:19p.m., an officer spoke with a bicyclist and conducted a records check. The officer arrested the 30 year old man for a misdemeanor warrant for narcotics related violations. The officer booked the man at ECPD and then transported him to the Contra Costa County jail in Martinez.

Methamphetamine Possession - San Pablo Ave / Burlingame Avenue:
At 5:48p.m., an officer arrested a 40 year old Richmond woman, for possession of two grams of suspected methamphetamine during a pedestrian stop. The woman was booked and released from the ECPD.

Negligent Discharge of a Firearm - S. 53rd Street / School Street: At 9:31p.m., Officers responded to the report of gun shots fired in the 5200 block of School Street. Several residents called in and a shot spotter activation was recorded on S. 53rd Street, moving south at 12.7 MPH. Shot spotter is an acoustic based gunfire alert system. An extensive check in the area was conducted and no victims were discovered, however evidence of a shooting was found at the scene. An area canvass for witnesses revealed a white vehicle, parked on S.53rd Street fled the area with no headlamps and turned east on School St. As of Tuesday, Jan 21st, no suspects have been located nor have any shooting victims.

Possession of forged checks - Carlson Blvd. / Santa Clara Ave:
At 11:05p.m., an officer arrested a 40 years old woman from Richmond, for possession of forged checks. She was booked and cited released pending further investigation.


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