Battery, Burglary, Shoplifiting – 3 Days of Crime at Safeway

The El Cerrito Crime Blotter for June 22-24 includes three crimes at Safeway and a vandalism spree that appeared to have targeted a dozen vehicles and resulted in the arrest of an El Cerrito woman and Richmond man.

Editor's note: the El Cerrito Crime Blotter is provided twice a week by the El Cerrito police department.

June 22nd 2012 

Commercial Burglary – 6100 block of Potrero Ave. 
Officers investigated a commercial burglary at a business. The suspect forced open a fire exit door and stole property. 

Warrant Arrest – Intersection of Cutting Blvd. and Peerless Ave. 
Officer Evans conducted a traffic enforcement stop and arrested the driver, a 36 year old Richmond resident, for an outstanding warrant. 

Shoplifting – Safeway, 11450 San Pablo Ave. 
Officers responded to Safeway for a report of a shoplifter. The store employees placed a 27 year old woman under citizen’s arrest and officers took her into custody. 

June 23rd 2012 

Vehicle Theft – 2300 block of Tulare Ave. 
A thief stole a Mazda sedan from in front of a residence. 

Possession of Controlled Substance – Intersection of San Pablo Ave. / Schmidt Ln. 
Officer Schillinger conducted a traffic enforcement stop and arrested the passenger, a 17 year old Oakland resident, for possession of cocaine. 

Agency Assistance for Kensington PD – Intersection of Santa Fe Ave. / Oakview Dr. 
Officers assisted Kensington PD and Kensington Fire Department with a distressed subject in a vehicle. 

June 24th 2012 

Driving under the Influence - Intersection of San Pablo Avenue and Cutting Boulevard 
Sergeant Caputo conducted a traffic enforcement stop and arrested a 27 year old Vallejo resident for DUI and driving on a suspended license. 

Vandalism – 800 block of Kearney Street 
Officers responded to a report of three subjects throwing objects at parked vehicles. Upon arrival, officers discovered that an El Cerrito resident had chased the three suspects on foot to a nearby residence. Officers located approximately twelve vehicles which appeared to have been vandalized, in the area. Officers arrested a 26 year old El Cerrito woman and a 25 year old Richmond man on unrelated charges. 

Officers conducted traffic control for the St. John’s Holy Ghost Parade. The parade marched from the intersection of Richmond St. and Portola Dr. to St. John’s Church on San Pablo Ave. The parade returned after mass. 

Commercial Burglary – Safeway, 11450 San Pablo Ave. 
Officers responded to Safeway for a report of a theft. Officers took a 26 year old San Francisco man into custody after they determined that he entered Safeway with the intent to steal items to later sell in San Francisco. 

Suspicious Circumstance – Creekside Park 
Officers responded to Creekside Park after neighbors reported seeing a man swinging a machete at trees and bushes. Officers contacted a 34-year-old homeless man and seized his machete, after they determined that he suffers from mental illness. 

Battery – Safeway, 11450 San Pablo Avenue 
An officer was flagged down by a Safeway employee who reported that he was struck by an aggressive panhandler in the parking lot. The employee placed the man, a 46 year old Concord resident, under citizen arrest and officers took the man into custody.

J. Travado July 01, 2012 at 06:11 PM
I spoke with a manager last month about how aggressive the pan handling in the parking lot had become. The manager seemed unconcerned and that it "would take too much time" to deal with the problem. I told her that many friends had said they would not return to the store and that it was the last time I would shop there also- now Safeway is El Cerritos crime magnet- Shame on Safeway!
John Stashik July 02, 2012 at 04:46 AM
I'd hear the same comment from people annoyed by the bums stationed in front of the Moeser Safeway. What is Safeway supposed to do? They can call the police. But it's a seven day a week problem. Cops can lock 'em up; judges will quickly release the losers. A moat surrounding El Cerrito may be a costly solution as many of these criminals come from out of town according to reports posted here.
Michael O'Connor July 02, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Can't wait 'till Walmart opens their grocery store on the El Cerrito / Richmond border. That place will close in a year. Welcome to West Contra Costa.


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