2 Pleasant Hill Schools Searched After Caller Says 'You're Next'

Following a call Monday morning from an unknown man saying, "You're next," police searched two schools in Pleasant Hill – Sequoia Middle and Elementary. The schools weren't evacuated, and police found nothing suspicious.

Pleasant Hill police searched two schools Monday morning after a man called one of the campuses and said, "You're next."

Sgt. Tim Frank said the call came to Sequoia Middle School about 10 a.m. and was taken by a student, who then informed school administrators.

Officers searched the grounds of the Boyd Road campus and nearby Sequoia Elementary School for about 40 minutes and found nothing suspicious.

The schools were not evacuated. Frank said classroom doors were locked, but teachers continued their normal classroom activities.

Frank said the search was a standard precautionary measure, especially in light of the mass shooting last Friday at a Connecticut elementary school.

Investigators are now trying to determine who placed this morning's phone call.


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