El Cerrito Police Offer Holiday Tips

El Cerrito police have issued two sets of safety tips for the holidays – one for safe driving and one for safe shopping.

El Cerrito police issued a community message with advice for making sure your holiday driving and shopping are safe.

The tips "can help you and your family be more careful, prepared, and aware during this holiday season," the police department said.

The "Holiday Shopping Safety Tips" include not leaving packages visible in your vehicle, being careful with your credit cards (including checking your statements) and parking in well-lit areas at night.

The "Holiday Driving Safety Tips" notes that accident rates increase by up to 100 percent in the holiday season and urge drivers to avoid the common causes of accidents, including speeding, not yielding the right-of-way, following too close in bad weather and drunk driving. Also, make sure your cars wipers, tires, lights and other equipment are working properly, and don't forget the new law that says your headlights must be on when your windshield wipers are.

The full lists of holiday shopping and driving tips are attached to this article. 


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