Starting Your Black Friday Shopping on Thanksgiving Thursday?

Some shoppers can’t wait to fight the crowds on Friday so they get full of turkey and head to the mall on Thursday night.

Will you go shopping on Thanksgiving Day?

We put that question to our Patch Facebook fans this week, as more and more stores and malls announce that they would be open for shoppers finished with their turkey (or not finished, whatever the case may be). Their response: overwhelmingly in favor of staying home with the family on Thanksgiving and leaving the shopping for later.

Jo-Anna Pippen of Albany wrote, “No, and I won't patronize stores that mandate their employers come in and work. This hyper consumerism gets worse every year."

Pinole-Hercules reader Amber Edwards doesn’t buy into the Black Friday hype.  She wrote, “I don't even shop on Black Friday until the late afternoon. Door busters are a ruse! A bunch of cheap crap nobody needs. I'd rather sleep in and spend time with my husband or go to work and get paid.”

Some, like the Great Mall in Milpitas, will welcome shoppers at 8 p.m. Others, like Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, will not open until after Black Friday officially begins. Read more about what stores and malls will be open and closed on Thanksgiving.

What do you think about stores opening on Thanksgiving? Vote in our poll and tell us what you think below!


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