Wheels for El Cerrito's Little Garbage Can

This past week, El Cerrito's garbage-collection service rolled out new 20-gallon garbage carts to replace the old plastic buckets that had to be carried to the curb.

As many El Cerrito residents noticed this past week, new bright-blue little garbage carts with wheels have begun appearing on the side of city streets.

Now all of the bins that El Cerrito residents use to transport garbage, recycling materials and green waste to the curb can roll.

Before this past week, the smallest of the three options in bins for garbage – the 20-gallon can – had no wheels. It was a large plastic bucket with a gray lid.

The city's garbage-collection company, East Bay Sanitary, replaced the old 20-gallon cans with the new ones during the week.

"It's easier to use for the residents of our city, especially the elderly," said Rick Figone, executive vice president of East Bay Sanitary, the city's garbarge-collection company.

The swap was made at no charge to customers, he said. Notices of the change were sent to those who use the 20-gallon can.

"It's a better product," he said. "There's been great feedback."

The company offers three sizes of garbage carts: 20-gallon, 35-gallon and 64-gallon. The rate chart on the city's Web site shows that those with the 20-gallon garbage cart pay $11.01 less per month than those with a 35-gallon bin and $47.48 less per month than those with a 64-gallon can.

About 20-25 percent of East Bay Sanitary's customers use the 20-gallon cart, Figone said.

Betty Buginas February 19, 2012 at 03:12 PM
Isn't the main reason they replaced them that the new cans can be picked up with the trucks' automatic arm?
Larry Craighill February 19, 2012 at 04:26 PM
In the flyer we received, they mentioned taking advantage of the automatic arm on the newer trucks. The little cans have to be dumped by hand. I preferred them because they were easier for me to lift than the small cans are for me to roll, but I defer to my elders. I'm sure most will benefit from the new cans, and in theory, the automatic arms will cut down on costs.
Betty Buginas February 19, 2012 at 04:44 PM
Ah, the notice (see photo) was still in my recycling cart: It says EB San has new trucks that are fully automated and the mini cans need to be replaced and “will work better with our trucks.” (I like the wheels, though, and not having to hold the lid down with a rock or Bungee cord or else pick up the trash after the raccoons have gone through it.) There’s also a reminder to put all containers with the number toward the street and the wheels by the curb, at least 18 inches from other carts and 3 feet from other objects (See photo.) The notice says you can keep the old can for other uses, call 237-4321 for pick up, or drop off at the recycling center during business hours.
Charles Burress (Editor) February 19, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Betty, thanks for adding the notice and the information about needing carts that can be used with the new trucks. Also the illustrative photo. One detail puzzled me: The notice you posted asks that carts be at least 18 inches apart when placed at the curb, while the regular East Bay Sanitary bill that comes to our house says 1 foot. (Both say the carts should be at least three feet from other obstructions such as cars.)
Vivaldi February 19, 2012 at 10:51 PM
18" or 1 foot . . .no problem. I'm just delighted they've now got little cans with wheels. It was not wanting to carry those unwheeled cans next to our clothes on trash put-out night that had stopped us from moving down to the smaller size. East Bay Sanitary has done a great job of reducing our trash by making it so very easy to recycle and compost. Now we'll be able to have a can that is not 3 times too big!
Claudio Rohrsetzer February 20, 2012 at 03:07 AM
I think is a very good idea to have this small garbage cans with wheels. As a gardener in El Cerrito, I have many senior clients that ask me to put the small garbage cans outside, since they are too heavy for then to do it. What about the seniors that don't have any body to do this for then? Thanks East Bay Sanitary!


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