Christmas Birthdays: A Good Time to Celebrate?

Patch editor David Mills explores what it's like to have a birthday right around Christmas

My grandfather's birthday was Dec. 26.

He used to say, with a smile, that it was the worst day of the year to have a birthday because everybody's festive spirit is pretty much drained by the day after Christmas.

Having a birthday right around Christmas is a double-edged sword.

It is a neat, upbeat time of year for most folks, so a birthday celebration can flow right along with it.

However, a birthday can get overshadowed if it's right before Dec. 25 or it can be an afterthought if it's right after the holiday. Having a birthday on Dec. 25 is somewhat special, but you can be guaranteed you won't get the presents or attention you'd get if your birthday was Sept. 25.

WikiHow actually has a page with advice on how to enjoy a Christmas birthday. Among the tips is to accept the fact your birthday competes with a festive holiday, put up birthday decorations as well as Christmas decor and be appreciative of the presents you do get.

We asked Patch Facebook friends for their experiences with birthdays during Christmas week.

Kevin Flynn, a Miramonte High School graduate, said his father's birthday is Dec. 26 and the family jokingly refers to it as "The Big Letdown Day." To compensate, his father every year goes on a 10-day party cruise where the festive spirit is undiminished.

Anne Kearney Sharkey, a Walnut Creek native, said her 15-year-old nephew has a Dec. 26 birthday. She said they always throw a party and he feels special because nobody forgets his birthday.

Dorothy J. Lyle Anderson of St. Catherine Hospital said her family makes an effort to make a big deal out of her 12-year-old grandson's Dec. 26 birthday. She said it's up to the adults to make sure such birthdays are special.

Scott Saftler said his cousin has a Dec. 26 birthday, but because he's Jewish, it's not a problem.

Stefania Pisanu's birthday is Dec. 23. The San Ramon woman said she's usually cooking that day in preparation for her family's big Christmas Eve dinner.

Sylvia Popp Emberlin, a Diablo Valley College student, has a Dec. 31 birthday. She says everyone is pretty tired by that date, but she actually thinks Jan. 2 would be worse when everyone is really partied out.

Susan Jenkins of Holy Names University said her youngest child's birthday is Dec. 30. They just have a family party that day and let her pick a day during the summer to have a party with friends.

Those with Christmas birthdays shouldn't feel alone. There are famous people with the Dec. 25 birthday. Among them are Sir Isaac Newton, Rod Serling, Jimmy Buffett and Sissy Spacek.

As for Dec. 26 birthdays, my grandfather shared that along with Mao Tse Tung, Jared Leto and Steve Allen.

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Julie Jepsen-Grant December 26, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Thank you for the Happy Birthday, David Mills. :-D We will be walking (hopefully in the rain) over to the new Freebirds on Geary and stopping at the Starbucks on Treat, for a hot beverage, on our way back. Great company makes for great celebrations.
cat December 26, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Me? I LOVE IT...my birthday is BEFORE CHRISTMAS though. I even think its a good time to get married if you want a small wedding because the Church is ALREADY DECORATED (people too busy with christmas parties or shopping to come to wedding) my parents got married on Christmas Eve as well
PH Fan December 27, 2012 at 03:23 AM
My son's bday is Dec. 28th...right in between Christmas and New Years. It sucks, but we would NEVER let him know that. We always have a cake, a gift and dinner plans (he gets to choose the evening meal or choose the place)...and he gets his party as close to 1 month after as we can. We started that the 1st year and made it his tradition, so now he expects that. It is more work, but I would never want him to feel like his birthday wasn't a big deal...since he is such a big deal to us!
Dive Turn Work December 27, 2012 at 04:55 AM
December 26th is a great day for a birthday. It's Boxing Day.
Jennifer Koziel December 30, 2012 at 03:49 AM
Your article made me smile! My bday is Dec 26. Yes can feel like "letdown day" / sick of celebrating day / don't want to go anywhere near the mall day etc. But I missed being born on Christmas by about 10 minutes and I am very glad for that.


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