Cheap Thrills: Family Dinner at Cactus Taqueria

Take a night off your dinner duties and visit Cactus Taqueria for a fun family meal.

In the middle of the week, when the pantry is bare and you’re running on empty, pack the kids in the car and take a spin over to Cactus Taqueria. Serving fresh, tasty, and inexpensive Mexican fare — at an incredibly fast pace — Cactus is a starred destination in the little black book of many local families.

Located on the top of Solano Avenue, behind a cheery yellow façade, Cactus is a noisy, messy, family-friendly restaurant. On any given night, a long line snakes out the door with patrons spilling out onto the street while queued up to place their orders. A pleasant air of patience and camaraderie is pervasive with people talking amiably as they decide what to eat and shuffle slowly forward in line.

With its steady hum of activity and relaxing din of conversation, Cactus cultivates a comfortable atmosphere that caters to the needs of busy families. The menu is extensive and wholesome, and the space is large, with a breezy, open floor plan that easily accommodates larger groups. Tables are plentiful, and come in various sizes, but can be hard won during the busy dinner hour — best to scope one out in advance. Kids move freely through the eating area, ricocheting from table to table, dipping dirty fingers in the central fountain, or playing on the railing out front.

Finally, with the family fed and no dishes to be done, parents can stretch their legs out for a few minutes, sip down the last of an agua fresca, and catch up on their day. So, pick an evening, shirk your dinner duties, and take a night off at Cactus Taqueria.

Ricky F. Bobby September 06, 2011 at 02:33 AM
Great article. We love to bring the kids to Cactus and the food is so fresh and tasty.


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