Contest: 2012 Solano Stroll Photo Scavenger Hunt

Win a Solano Avenue Association gift certificate by posting the most interesting, well-composed Stroll photograph here. Other winners will be featured on Albany Patch. Photos must include the category in the caption to count.

Sunday morning, the  came to Albany with its annual parade and free street festival, which stretches , spanning Albany and Berkeley.

Over the past two years local photographers have  they took the day of the event as part of our "photo scavenger hunt," inspired by Albany resident . We  on Albany Patch. See the .

We also produced our own staff highlights gallery (!).

This year, we hope you'll share with us again. The category winners will be featured on Albany Patch, and one "best in show" winner will receive a gift certificate from, fittingly, the .

Add your photos, with the category in the caption, to this gallery by Sept. 21.

(You can also post photographs to our Flickr group for possible featuring on Patch, but only entries on Albany Patch will count for the contest.)

Please note, your photos must include the category IN THE CAPTION to be eligible. Participants may enter up to three photographs per category. You're also welcome to post photos and videos without competing. 


  • Top of Solano (Berkeley side)
  • Bottom of Solano (Albany side)
  • Stroll dog
  • Parade
  • Costume
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Kids
  • Candid
  • Favorite vendor/booth
  • Artistic/Experimental compositions
  • Historic—Photos of former Strolls accepted for this category; include the year, approximate if necessary, in the caption.
  • Most interesting moment caught on video


Click the "Keep me posted" button below for an email update when we post about Solano Avenue. Read more about Solano Avenue happenings here.


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