Trekking El Cerrito's Hidden Gems

There are nearly 60 urban trails throughout El Cerrito marked and maintained by a group of community members. Find out how you can start trekking them.

The Terrace Dr. trailhead at Wild Cat canyon in El Cerrito. Photo Credit: Stephen Bowes
The Terrace Dr. trailhead at Wild Cat canyon in El Cerrito. Photo Credit: Stephen Bowes

Some of El Cerrito’s best kept secrets are kept at foot level and taken step-by-step.

A group of trail blazers regularly set out to make these secrets into accessible trails for El Cerrito residents. Most recently, a new map completed in collaboration with the National Park Service's Conservation Assistance Program, documented nearly 60 public trails throughout the city. And a trail doesn’t necessarily mean it's a dirt one. It can also be stairways, sidewalks or any other pathways that connect parts of the city.

David Weinstein founded Trail Trekkers four years ago with the goal of building, maintaining and publicizing these little known urban trails in El Cerrito. He started discovering and documenting these trails on leisurely walks with his dog, and he continues to find new ones today.

“Not many people know these trails are there,” Weinstein said. “These are opportunities and we’ve just identified them.”

You can check out the map and list of trails on the Trail Trekkers website.


Weinstein’s Trail Trekking Recommendations

Motorcycle Hill Trail: In the Hillside Natural Area. From the intersection of Blake Street and Navellier, between 1636 Navellier and 7255 Blake, this trail switchbacks its way to the summit of Motorcycle Hill, and continues to Potrero Avenue between numbers 7701 and 7705. The first trail to be built by Trail Trekkers; named for popular motorcycle hill climbs that happened here in 1920s.

Live Oak Trail: From the Navellier Trail, runs south, roughly parallel to the Ridge Trail above but through a beautiful live oak forest, connecting to Forest Brown Trail.

Terrace to Wildcat Regional Park Trail: Trail at very end of Terrace at 1089 Terrace Drive and 382 Kensington Road leads into Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. Barely passable and only in dry weather. City’s only direct access to Wildcat. Owned by East Bay Regional Park District.

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Susan January 16, 2014 at 01:17 PM
this is fabulous! thank you for posting this!


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