Food Bank Warns of New Phone Scam

The Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano is warning people that a new phone scam is making the rounds.

Lisa Sherill, community relations manager for the Contra Costa & Solano Food Bank, says that she’s received a number of reports about people asking for donations over the phone.

The person on the line says they’re from the Northwest Food Bank, which sounds strikingly similar to a food bank in Seattle called Northwest Harvest. Sherill said the caller ID shows that the person is calling from the Northwest Harvest. 

These calls are not originating from the food bank at all and appear to be a scam,” Sherill told Patch. “Northwest Harvest as well as the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano have not been soliciting donations via phone,” she said. 

Northwest Harvest representatives confirmed that company does not ask for donations over the phone. "These phone calls are not from us, and appear to be originating from a company named "Caller ID 4 U," a Northwest Harvest spokesperson said.

Sherill said anyone who has received a call from someone soliciting donations for these companies, should report it by calling 800.722.6924. Reports can also be emailed to emailing info@northwestharvest.org.



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